Digestive Enzymes vs Probiotics: Ultimate Guide

Digestive Enzymes vs Probiotics Ultimate Guide

Digestive enzymes and probiotics work together to provide a healthy digestive system in the human body. Although their functions are completely different, the two can complement one another to improve …

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My Poop Is Too Big To Come Out And Hurts

What to Do if Your Poop is Too Big To Come Out and Hurts and Bleeds

Struggling with constipation and the discomfort it brings is not fun. One common issue that arises is when bowel movements become too large to pass comfortably or even at all. …

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Can Crohn’s Disease Kill You?

Can Crohn's Disease Kill You

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, that causes inflammation of the digestive system. It can occur anywhere throughout the long digestive tract. Symptoms of Crohn’s can be …

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Can You Throw Up Poop?

Can You Throw Up Poop

This question has often been wondered about, but very few of us actually ever decide to research it. As crazy as it might sound, it is actually possible to throw …

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Can Probiotics Make IBS Worse?

Can Probiotics Make IBS Worse

Probiotics are often taken to enhance one’s health or ease symptoms of various medical conditions. However, what if the probiotics you’re taking are actually making you feel worse? A respite …

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