18 Famous People Living With IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) doesn’t just affect regular people. IBS doesn’t discriminate and affects famous people and celebrities.

They live in the public eye and that can even make it harder for them to deal with IBS on a daily basis. 

Find out which celebrities are dealing with IBS symptoms.

Famous People With IBS

Famous People with IBS

1. Cybill Shepherd

The film and TV star, Cybill Shepherd, has IBS and she hid in pain for more than 20 years before finally finding relief. She was suffering from chronic constipation, bloating, and abdominal pain. The medical doctors told her that it was all in her head, but managing stress levels and rest didn’t help. She then turned to Zelnorm to treat her IBS with constipation.

Through her experience, she became a spokeswoman for IBS support campaigns. Most people will think their IBS symptoms are caused by stress or diet, so they don’t see a doctor. She has encouraged people suffering to see their doctors for a diagnosis. 

Famous People with IBS

2. Cher Sarkisian 

The “Goddess of Pop,” Cher was also known to have IBS and had bouts of diarrhea before performing at her shows. Her doctor prescribed medication but Cher didn’t like taking medicine, so she stopped going back to see her doctor. Eventually she went into rehab where she learned about holistic healing methods such as yoga and meditation. After learning these techniques, she felt better than ever. 

Famous People with IBS

3. Tyra Banks

Super model Tyra Banks admitted she was suffering from IBS in 2006. She follows a low FODMAP diet to keep her symptoms at bay. 

Famous People with IBS

4. Jenny McCarthy

Actress Jenny McCarthy is one of many women who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In her 1997 autobiography, Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy’s Open Book, she joked that her IBS is her diet plan. IBS gives her chronic diarrhea and there was no need for her diet or exercise. She also gets so nervous being in Hollywood that her IBS symptoms are worse. 

Famous People with IBS

5. John F. Kennedy

The late president’s medical documents were reviewed in 2002 and it was discovered that John F. Kennedy probably suffered from IBS, but it wasn’t diagnosed at the time. He suffered from severe diarrhea and was often in pain. 

Famous People with IBS

6. Franklin Gutierrez

Franklin Gutierrez was the center field for the Seattle Mariners and was diagnosed with IBS in 2011. His symptoms were bad enough that he landed on the disabled list to start the baseball season. His doctor prescribed him medicine to take before meals. Adding a diet and exercise regime helped him back onto the field six weeks later. 

Famous People with IBS

7. Chyler Leigh

The Grey’s Anatomy and Supergirl actress became diagnosed with IBS in 2001 when the director of Not Another Teen Movie noticed her dramatic weight loss. She had a drug addiction that led to her barely eating. That helped lead to her irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. 

Famous People with IBS

8. Kirsten Dunst

The actress Kirsten Dunst has spoken openly about her IBS and how it’s negatively affected her anxiety and self esteem. She’s a big supporter of the low FODMAP diet and how it helps IBS sufferers.

Famous People with IBS

9. Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was diagnosed with IBS in 1996. She later became a spokeswoman for the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders. She was often afraid of eating and traveling with constant concerns about not having a restroom near by. 

Famous People with IBS

10. Cam’Ron (Cameron Giles)

Cameron Giles is a rapper, record executive, and actor, whose better known by his stage name Cam’Ron. He wrote a song called “I.B.S” where he raps about his IBS symptoms and his suffering. He said he was able to alleviate some of his symptoms by giving up drinking.  

Famous People with IBS

11. Lynda Carter

Lynda “Wonder Woman” Carter became a spokeswoman for IBS awareness in 2002 even though she didn’t suffer from IBS herself. It was her mother who suffered from IBS for over 30 years.  

12. Lucy Mecklenburgh

Reality TV star Lucy Mecklenburgh has spoken openly about her struggles with bloating, a common symptom of IBS. In 2019, she shared pictures of her bloated stomach on Instagram, revealing she has dealt with bloating issues for over 10 years despite living a healthy, active lifestyle. Lucy said she felt “embarrassed” about her bloating in the past but now feels “empowered” to speak up about it to show that even fit people can experience digestive issues. She aims to break down the stigma around bloating.

13. Catherine Tyldesley

Actress Catherine Tyldesley has used her online platforms many times to share details of her IBS, including posting photos showcasing abdominal bloating. She’s discussed how certain foods like junk food can make her body “rebel”, resulting in IBS symptoms like bloating. After struggles with bloating and pain, Catherine changed her diet and lifestyle, cutting out processed ingredients and focusing on wholesome, balanced nutrition from natural sources. She credits this switch with drastically improving her gut health.

14. Zara McDermott

Love Island’s Zara McDermott hasn’t been officially diagnosed with IBS but has been vocal about her issues with bloating on social media. She often shares comparison photos taken just hours apart demonstrating how rapidly her body can change from a flat stomach to major bloating. Zara has opened up about identifying and eliminating triggers like certain fruits that seem to aggravate her symptoms. She also discusses feeling discomfort, pain, and low energy during bloating flare ups.

15. Alexandra Cane

Former Love Island contestant Alexandra Cane has used Instagram to share details on her struggles with IBS after being diagnosed a few years ago. She posts honest photos and videos showcasing severe abdominal bloating and discusses the pain, anxiety, and frustration it causes her. Alexandra manages her symptoms by identifying problematic foods and has changed her diet to control flare ups. She aims to spread awareness about IBS through transparency regarding her own experience.

16. Malin Andersson

Love Island alum Malin Andersson has candidly posted about her teenage struggles with IBS on social media. She admitted to previously abusing laxatives to cope before later focusing on diet, exercise, and self-love. Malin shares vulnerable pictures of her bloated stomach, emphasizing that even fitness advocates aren’t exempt from digestive issues. She discusses pain, embarrassment, and depression related to her IBS while also offering inspiration to followers dealing with similar problems.

17. Kylie Jenner

There is speculation based on anecdotal evidence that reality TV personality Kylie Jenner and her famous family suffer from IBS. Specific details on Kylie’s experience are unclear but reports indicate digestive troubles, food sensitivities, and bloating. Kylie herself has not openly discussed having IBS. However, her sisters have faced rumors of issues like diarrhea and stomach pain, hinting at a potential genetic predisposition. More concrete details directly from Kylie regarding an IBS diagnosis are still lacking.

18. Kurt Cobain

The late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has been the subject of various health-related rumors after his death in 1994, including speculation about possible IBS. However, Cobain himself made no statements indicating he suffered from irritable bowel syndrome or related problems like abdominal pain and irregular bowel habits. While he openly discussed certain stomach issues like pain from an ulcer, his candid interviews lack any concrete declaration of an IBS diagnosis. There remain only theories rather than definitive proof based on his own accounts.

How it Affects Celebs

For those celebrities with IBS who have severe symptoms, they tend to quickly disappear from the spotlight. For the rest of the celebrities who have a mild case of IBS or have learned to manage them quite well, they are better equipped to get on with their daily lives.

Staying Positive is Key

It can be hard to stay positive while dealing with an illness like IBS. Know that you are not alone. Many people are able to figure out ways to manage their IBS symptoms and live their daily lives. 

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